INTEGRATED GLOBAL LOGISTICS INC. A Safety First Transportation Solutions Provider. This is Landstar.


A commitment to safety and security.

We attend to many different initiatives to provide full safety in everything we do.

 M.U.S.T. Program

  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Security Cargo
  • Loss Prevention

Let's work together and schedule a M.U.S.T visit, a free service to our valued customers!

We will discuss these important topics:

  • Complete & Accurate Dispatch 
  • Hours of Service Guidelines
  • CSA Awareness
  • Transporting Hazardous Materials 
  • Identifying Safe & Secure Freight Lanes
  • Utilizing Secure Parking Facilities
  • Accident and Cargo Claim Frequency
  • Safe and Compliant Load Securement
  • Landstars Safety Statistics

Safety Thursdays

Each month, Landstar holds a Safety Thursday Conference Call and various safety events at agencies and truck stops across the country. Every faction of the Landstar family participates in monthly safety programs — including our President and CEO, shippers, BCOs, agents, employees, third-party capacity providers, state and federal DOT of?cials and other interested parties.

Landstars Safety Thursday Conference Call is always on the third Thursday of the month at 12:00 p.m. ET. Everyone is invited to participate.

Safety North America

What Can Landstar Do For You?

Through a mutual understanding of each others perspectives, we can raise our safety awareness to new heights.
We can:

  • Provide safety statistics to assist you in evaluating your carriers.
  • Help identify proper ways of securing freight.
  • Help to eliminate potential accidents at your loading or unloading facilities. Identify cargo damage causes.
  • Participate in No-Zone/Community Programs.


Million Mile Safe Driver

Million Mile safe drivers or Landstar Roadstar are the prestigious  owner operators who go accident free for a million miles. An initiative which holds contest and giveaways to really push safety. View the most winner, with a paid for trucks by Landstar given to the owner operator for his great  consistency with our safety practices.